Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 11: Thunder and Lightning Strike....

the best picture I have ever taken...took at least 5 minutes to shoot, because I couldn't stop laughing enough to hold the camera straight
Massive storm sweeps through Balian as we prepared to leave and destroys everything in the village...not really but it would make for a better story. Barely slept due to the thunder, that shook the entire house, while the Problem and Sean continued making their own version of thunder in the sounds like the part from dumb and dumber where he shits his brains out. Finally got to Canggu and got a little surf in, in the evening then hit up Ally Cats for some double doubles, while Howie and Sean slept the night away together...again...Oh saw an aussie guy that looked just like boomer in PCU, lose in a drinking game and then proceed to have three of his buddies slap his bare back as hard as they possible could...fucking kiwi. Talked to a fatty that was really trying to get me to go out with her and her friends and actually considered it for a second....when times get tough the tough get going, or something like that . So I noticed that our followers only comment during the weekdays, Kevin I know you are on your computer all the time goddammit, you guys better be getting down and dirty, Friday and Saturday, and maybe a thursday Sharkeez session?

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  1. these black and white photos make it impossible to see who's winning the tan-off... the suspense is killing me.