Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 12: The cow field claims another...

Dude this shot is so emo dane is going to steal it and put it on marine layer
While attempting to check the surf this morning, team poop went down in a blaze of glory...Sean got the worst of it, covered in a mixture of cow shit and mud, fucking hilarious...but we all ended up following in their footsteps, just not as bad.  Surfed the left in Canggu again, kinda fun but really crowded with little balinese groms who shred and can paddle for days...we got our own though, and Sean souled it up some more...I think he took some notes over our breakfast from watching pappison soul it up on a board that looked way to big for him.  It's our last night so we are doing the lobster dinner on the beach and then seeing the vines play at this sick bar/restaurant called the Deus, that is as hip as any place in venice, with all kinds of triumphs and cafe racers for sale...did just find out though that we missed wolfmother play here for free like 4 days ago...fuckin blew it mate...lets keep our fingers crossed that team shitalot can pull it together to enjoy our last night...One more blog when we get to the airport to let you know how our ambient fueled flight back home was

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  1. fuck guys how did i forget about this thing. fuckin hell...
    seeing big lare make fun of big guy's and toshima-san's IBS and thunder's lack of shredding prowess would have been worth the price of admission for me. stay another week for me so i can follow you guys
    i hope you wont be shitted out when i show up at to your house on the 25th.

    Sincerely, your fellow IBS sufferer,